Densification of granular material (compaction) is often required in areas subject to vibrations such as earthquake loading or traffic movement. Compaction is executed during the construction phase of a project to avoid post construction settlements or liquefaction (the loss of strength of the granular material) during for example an earthquake. It improves the load-settlement behavior of the material, making it suitable to reduce foundation settlements of structures. 

All compaction methods make use of the same principle: introducing high local vibrations into the soil body. These high vibrations densify the granular material when larger than the interparticle resistance. As the vibration energy reduces with the distance to the vibration source, the effect of compaction is bound to physical limits depending on various parameters. In order to have a solution for each case, Cofra has three compaction techniques within its portfolio. Find out more by using the links in the overview below. 

CDC compaction for the movement of 13500 Ton bridge

A selection of our compaction projects

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